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Friday, 23rd November 

Chiron Limited provide 30+ thematic video channels, including music videos, comedy, football and so much more on to the newly launched Habari app via GT Bank. 

Habari is a social and e-commerce app that allows you listen to music, Chat with family & friends around the world, Shop your favourite things and Pay Bills.

What Habari Offers:

Because Habari is what you make it, its unique features allow you to do much more in one place!

PLAY: Listen to your favourite music, watch videos & read interesting content

CHAT: Chatting with friends is so much more exciting! Shake your phone to connect with friends, Spray them some cash while you chat and split bills

SHOP: Shop your favourite fashion items, gadgets, appliances and more in one place

PAY: Paying and sharing bills just got easier with the Habari Wallet. Manage your payments and cash, easily move money from your account to your Wallet and vice versa.

We always have a story to tell, so check our news section often and contact us if you need more information!

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